Romantic Rose Bear

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The Rose Bear symbolizes love and attraction for one another. It represents the strong bond and devotion they share for each other. Take your relationship to the next level and make it everlasting with the romantic, aroma-filled rose bear which is bound to bring tons of romance, affection, and desire into your relationship.

These Styrofoam bears are 100% handmade, covered with soft, faux rose petals that are glued on individually.

  • Height of the Rose Bear is around 40cm (15" inches)
  • The bears come with the box
  • The roses are hand made and not real roses


Everlasting Roses.

Spoil yourself or surprise a loved one with this highly detailed enchanted forever rose teddy bear plush.


Make Them Smile!

With this gift, the lucky receiver will have no choice but to smile and love you forever. So what are you waiting for? 🌹


Luxury Rose Bear

For years to come, you'll see your unique rose bear and feel the everlasting love the two of you share!

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