Gold Rose Flower Necklace

$25 $45

The Rose symbolizes true love, beauty, and passion!

Limitless, eternal and becoming as one, there is no better symbol to represent eternal love. And it’s not just about eternal love but also the infinite and limitless possibilities that love brings. With so many possible ways to interpret the infinity symbol, it is no wonder that it has become such a popular love symbol

Adorned with a dazzling rose the Infinity Rose Necklace is an exquisite take on the popular symbol while retaining the minimalist design of the Infinity symbol. A great gift for your forever love!

  • Available in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
  • Pendant measures 1"in x 1.5"in
  • Chain length 15"in


Shipping Times

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Norway 10-25 days
Italy 10-25 days
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